Meet The Team

Meet Dharmik Rajput

Dharmik is an important member of the Mary Hawley Homes team specializing in marketing. He plays a vital role in supervising real estate sales and driving revenue growth by acquiring new clients through various promotional campaigns. He manages our social media as well as heading up any the design functions for marketing materials. As a flexible team member, he jumps in to help with data base work and client needs. With the shifts in the real estate industry towards social media advertising and digital communications, no team can stay relevant without someone with Dharmik’s expertise.

Meet Leatte Lovelace

Leatte is the team’s transaction coordinator. With the complex nature of California’s disclosure requirements, and our ever enlarging contracts, it is extremely important that each transaction, whether on the buying side or the selling side, be carefully managed by someone with a thorough understanding of the process and immense attention to detail. I have worked with many transaction coordinators throughout the years and can say that Leatte is, without a doubt, the best in the business. Our team and clients are fortunate to have her taking care of the myriad complexities involved. Missed deadlines cost money. Leatte’s job is to make sure that nothing is overlooked in any of our transactions.

Meet Mohsin Ansari

Mohsin is working as administrative assistant for Mary Hawley Homes with having more than 10 years of experience. His background in and understanding of database management, listing management, matrix audit, tracking of system spreadsheets, data entry, data mining, web scraping, copywriting, word processing, internet research, typing, MSExcel, MSWord, MSPowerPoint, MSOutlook, eCommerce, WordPress, customer support, social media marketing and public relations make him indispensable to me as well as the entire team.

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Work With Mary

Combining her myriad real estate certifications with her well rounded, yet diverse, education, she understands today’s evolving transaction intricacies that can be easily overlooked.