The San Francisco Peninsula

The home of Stanford University and the center of the Venture Capital world.

Welcome to The San Francisco Peninsula

The San Francisco Peninsula is the magical strip of land bridging the city of San Francisco to the greater Silicon Valley. This strip, along the southern end of the bay is blessed with an incredible array of Silicon Valley superstars such as Facebook, Google, Oracle, SAP and Tesla. It is also the home of Stanford University and the center of the Venture Capital world.

Encompassing San Mateo County and the northwest portion of Santa Clara County, you will see a level of diversity not seen in most areas. From the waterfront properties in Foster City, San Mateo and Redwood Shores, to the prestigious communities of Atherton, Woodside and Hillsborough, to the historic neighborhoods of Palo Alto and Burlingame and the hilltop homes in Belmont and San Carlos, lifestyle options abound.

With its proximity to both San Francisco and San Jose and its two bridges that join it to the East Bay, many people find the San Francisco Peninsula to have the best of locations. Add to that its pleasant climate that is moderated by its proximity to the water and the rest is just icing on the cake – the restaurants, the shopping, the hiking, the biking, access to world class equestrian facilities and bay water sports.

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